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Review – HCM 1/200 RX-78-2 Roll Out Ver.

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HCM 1/200 3 Year Anniversary Limted Edition RX-78-2 Roll Out Version\(ˆ⌂ˆ)/

HCM-Pro RX-78-2 Roll Out Ver.

I collect Gundam models/figures, specifically the RX-78 kind…

Purchasing this 1/200 scale gundam was pretty much on impulse, but the main factor was because HLJ was selling it for just merely ¥800 (well, plus shipping)!  It’s the 3 year anniversary HCM RX-78-2 Roll Out Version with a white/silver/red colour scheme and this is its review…


Box Front

Packaging wise, the box is pretty plain, it’s just brown cardboard with some black and red imagery on the front of the box.  I do like the plain-ness of the box though and it doesn’t really matter to me since I’d be playing with the gundam more than staring at the box it came in.  Also the standard fare with the HCM boxes are that they show you what you’re getting figure wise, but can’t really see any of the accessories that it comes with because they’re hidden behind the back.

Box Back

The back of the box is even more plain than the front with mainly the name and gigantic “LIMITED MODEL” plastered right in the center of the back like Bandai’s afraid no one knows that it’s “limited”…


Package Contents

Within the packaging are the goodies waiting to be toyed with.  It comes with the alternate color scheme RX-78-2 figure itself, a few sprues of accessories you have to cut out yourself, and a 1 page instruction booklet detailing how to put all the accessories together (minor minor assembly required).  Accessory wise it comes with 1 x standard shield for the RX-78-2 model, 1x extra hand in the grip position to hold the shield, 2 x beam sabers with hands attached, 1x beam rifle with hand attached, 1x hyper bazooka with hand attached, 1x extra V-fin/crest/crown in case you lose the one on the figure somehow.

Figure Shots


This wasn’t my first HCM Gundam as seen in the above comparison image, so I knew what I was getting into.  For such a small scale gundam, it’s very detailed, for example, the hydraulics on the ankle is a really nice detail in this figure.  Color scheme wise the white/silver/red is a little bland though because of the similarities in the white and silver parts.  I prefer the non roll out version as it stands out much more.  Even at 1/200 scale, Bandai’s HCM series is really really posable.

HCM-Pro RX-78-2 Roll Out Ver. Back

Maybe it’s because it’s brand new out of the box, the joints are pretty stiff,  and as a result they don’t need any support to make sure it stays upright while in many poses.  Over a period of time though, with the other HCM RX-78-2, I noticed the ankle and shoulder joints to get loose.  I just noticed I forgot to attach the ammo clip to the beam rifle… (>_>);


Group Shot

What can I say, I love the original RX-78 and I really like this figure, it’s portable, posable, detailed and it’s cheap.  For ¥800 plus shipping, I dunno what I could’ve asked for gundam wise and it’s a great addition to my small collection.  The joints might get loose with lots of play, but that’s expected.


Mainly the color scheme, but after all it is the “roll out” version so the colors are what they are so it’s more of a nitpick than a complaint.  The V-fin/crest/crown on the figure does tend to pop out when you accidentally hit it hard enough, but putting it back on is simple.  It is a good thing they included an extra one in the box.  One posing issue with the figure is that the head only has horizontal movement and no vertical.  The hand joints other than the open palm hands that are attached with the figure from the get go are a bit loose, but as a result are easy to exchange with other hands and no force is needed.  Otherwise my only other complaint is that the accessories come in sprues.  Even though the assembly is really minor, it’s not cool to see sprue marks on the accessories when you cut into them accidentally or if you don’t have the right tools.


This little gundam figure is a great addition to any RX-78 fans or gundam fans alike.  I got this during a HLJ sale for ¥800, which is still on, so I dunno if it’s really a sale or just a permenant price reduction.

Hobby Link Japan @ ¥800 (plus shipping)

HobbySearch @ ¥1,200 (plus shipping)

Psycho Appears!BOOM BOOM BOOM! Psycho Gundam comes and takes a look at what’s going on with his hostage Rei Ayanami! Save her RX-78!

Roll Out Appears!Roll Out, “HALT!”

Roll Out Detected!*SPLAT* Psycho Gundam spots Roll Out and drops Rei!  The day is saved!

Psycho Hug <3!Uh Oh…I guess Roll Out’s in quite the bind now after Psycho Gundam has changed targets.


4 out of 5 – For what it’s worth, it’s a great little figure to play around with.  It has sturdy enough joints for some pretty stable posing, but with enough play, the joints tend to get loose like with any other jointed action figures so be wary of that.

Gather Up Gundams!Psycho Gundam, “Group photooooo!!!!”

RX-78/C.A. adjusts the camera…RX-78/C.A. adjusts the camera…

Welcome Roll Out!Cheeeeese! Welcome to the family…Roll Out!

  1. November 27, 2009 at 2:01 AM

    Nooo! Don’t drop Ayanami! >.<

    Nice review of the HCM. I've been avoiding these small ones because I'm afraid of breaking them since they're so small, but I guess it's not too much of a difference from what you've mentioned. Oh and also because they can be quite pricey for a tiny Gundam 😛

    • November 27, 2009 at 11:34 AM

      Ah, I remember seeing pics of Rei collection on figure.fm… Blame Psycho Gundam for two timing Ayanami. (>_>);

      Thanks for the comment, considering the price you can get a HG kit for, I can see that it is pricey, but for the level of detail and how well it poses in that scale, it makes up for it I think. They’re small and it does come apart, I’ve bent the foot forward enough that the hydraulics on the ankle almost come out of it’s socket, but it’s easily put back together. It also saves time and because I didn’t spend time building it, I can use it for rough use on my own discretion. ٦(ˆωˉ)כ

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