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Travelogue – 2010 Winter Olympics, Downtown Vancouver

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Winter Olympics 2010 – Vancouver BC, Canada! ٦(°£°)٢

Winter Olympics 2010 Travelogue*PHOTO INTENSIVE, 56K Be warned, but still welcome!*

I want to sound smart, so I’ll use the word travelogue for the theme of this post.  I live in Vancouver, so a travelogue may be a little exaggerated.  I finally had some time to go downtown to take a look at the festivities that are part of the Winter Olympics; I put on my pants, tied my shoes, and went on a photo taking journey to downtown Vancouver… Let’s go!

I took the Skytrain down to Waterfront station for my first stop to check out the winter Olympic cauldron.  Of course, it’s completely fenced off so no one can get near it, but I managed to catch a few nice shots.  It was mildly crowded, but then again, this is Vancouver so it was quite the experience.

Crowded at the cauldronMildy crowded, everyone looks like they’re enjoying themselves!

There is a clear section in the middle of the fence so people can get a clear shot of the cauldron, so it’s not a big deal being fenced off.  There is also a newly opened rooftop section where people can get a nicer view.  There were a lot of people there, so I didn’t really bother going up.  I had places to be and things to see!


I was here standingObligatory, “I was here standing in this exact spot”, shot.

During my picture taking sessions, I have the habit of taking pictures of my shoes and the ground.  Something along the lines of “I was here standing in this exact spot” type deal.  Unfortunately many of these shoe pictures have no real location marked so unless you recognize the ground, people other than me will have no idea where the location is.  Sometimes even I have trouble remembering!

VancouverRelfections are cool!

VancouverA web of wires.

These above shots aren’t really that Olympic related.  I’ve been living in Vancouver for quite a while now, it’s only since the Olympics and the beautiful shots of Vancouver and British Columbia on TV that I’ve found out I take Vancouver’s beauty for granted.  I never really noticed these scenes when I walk to work everyday, but through the camera, the photos taken are quite stunning.  Especially the cityscape, lots of buildings are really quite nice looking.  Even the wires the buses run on are spectacular like a spider’s web in the above shot.  Today’s great weather also really helped too!

Where to buy your olympic coins!Buy your Olympic coins here!

This is the “Royal Canadian Mint Pavillion” where people can buy sets of Olympic themed coins.  I have most of the set, I’m really only missing three coins and that’s just from rummaging through my own change.  The line up to this place was ridiculously long, spanning about two and a half blocks.  If I had the time to wait, I might have, but unfortunately I don’t have the time or the patience.

Long lines everywhereWay long line up, makes me less motivated to step in line…

A lot of places have free admission, that means long line ups for all who want to enter.  The line ups are so long it’s demotivating, but taken into account that it’s a Saturday, more people have free time.  Just be prepared to spend most of your time in lines than actually doing anything.  Hopefully the line ups will be shorter once the weekdays roll around.

CrowdedGood times with gigantic faces on building ads, also art pieces.

LanternsLanterns, I wonder how they look like lit up…

There are quite a few art pieces displayed throughout downtown.  The lanterns for example are pretty sweet.  I think they’re all made by children, don’t quote me on that…  Unfortunately I saw some pieces already have been vandalized.  How sad…

WHOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAHI dunno how i got this shot, it looks like the guy is standing on the flag!

I knew there was a zip-line somewhere in downtown, but I wasn’t sure of the exact location.  That is until I heard screams raining from the sky.  Two zip-liners fly past right in front of me and thank goodness I had my camera ready.


More zip-liners fly by overhead as I snap these shots.  It’s really awesome seeing people enjoy themselves.  I, of course, would never do it as I have an irrational fear of heights.

The crowd intently watches...There was some guy trying to get himself into some giant balloon.

There were also a lot of entertainers and shows on the streets in downtown and lots of crowd gathering to watch them.  This was right beside the outdoor ice rink right beside the VAG (Vancouver Art Gallery) which has a DaVinci exhibit I want to go to.

My favorite winter olympic mascots!Probably my most favorite winter olympic mascots to date, especially Miga.

Even the skyscrapers are quite decorated with sponsored ads which makes the skyscrapers look much more vibrant than before.  I’ll admit, I like cute things, hence all the Nendoroid purchases, so without a doubt the Vancouver Winter Games mascots appeal to me very much.  Mostly Miga and if I was to get a plush, it would be of Miga.

AAAAAAGGGGH!!!!More overhead screams alert me to zip-liners…

Popping out behind the buildingBAH DAH, I just thought this looked like the skier was jumping out from behind the building.

A great end to a great day in downtown.  I didn’t spend the whole day in downtown, but I certainly got the feel of the busy atmosphere.  Of course I think it’s even crazier at night, so taking some night shots will be manditory.  Look forward to that!

  1. April 2, 2010 at 5:07 PM

    Haha It’s like you’re a tourist in your own city. It was somewhat like that for a lot of us. There were a lot of crazy going-ons when I went. It’s just really crowded. I did go on the zipline, but it was ridiculously long. I waited 7.5 hours for my turn… My mom went with me though, so I wasn’t totally spending 7.5 hours by myself, lol. You can get out of the line if you have to, but we didn’t. You pretty much took pictures of what I would’ve taken ^^

    • April 11, 2010 at 3:13 AM

      For sure, it’s really weird that when you live in a beautiful city like Vancouver, you are so used to your surroundings you don’t really open your eyes and see what it really is like. It’s only during the olympics that I truly took the time to see everything. How was the zip line? was it the best seconds of your life? I can’t say I would wait 7.5 hours for that.

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