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Travelogue – 2010 Winter Olympics, Downtown Vancouver II

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Winter Olympics 2010 – Vancouver BC, Canada! \(°ύˆ)/

Winter Olympics 2010 Travelogue II*PHOTO INTENSIVE, 56K be warned! (not so much this time, I think)*

As promised as well as to fulfill my curiosity of how different things look during the Winter Olympics at night; I met up with my good friend En, from http://ngaie.blogspot.com/, after work to take some pics.  This was also my first time taking my DSLR out to practice some photography.  Let’s go!

The first stop of a night of photo taking is on a balcony of the Pan Pacific Hotel.  The area is a pretty quiet place that not many know about where there is a great view of the Vancouver Convention Center and the Olympic Rings afloat on a barge.  I didn’t have a tripod with me so luckily there were some railings I could rest my camera on to take longer exposure shots.

Vancouver Convention CenterThe really well lit Vancouver Convention Center.

There is a giant globe hanging from the ceiling of the Vancouver Convention Center.  People can’t go inside I think, so right outside the windows near the globe, I saw a number of people posing with their hands up.  I wondered what they were doing, it turns out with a few creative angles, they took photos so they appear to be holding up the globe.  I thought that was pretty amusing.

Olympic Rings on the WaterNear the Convention Center are the floating Olympic rings.

The photos of the barge were a particularly hard shot to take.  I took about 20 shots and this was the best one.  It was really low light, so it took me a while to find the right settings.  The rings are over exposed no matter what and there was a weird upside down reflection of the rings above the actual rings on all my shots.  I have no idea what’s going on… (-_-)

Even at night it’s still as crowded!

Even at night, the Olympic Cauldron area is quite crowded still.  The line up to the rooftop place had a really long queue so the thought of going up there was not an option.  I have to say, the cauldron does look mighty better at night than it does in the daytime.  It’s like a gigantic bonfire people can gather around, but are unfortunately fenced off.

Olympic CauldronThe Olympic Cauldron, looks even better at night.

Some clearer shots of the Cauldron.  I played around with the camera settings.

Olympic Cauldron Close UpThe Olympic Cauldron, so far from you, forget the marshmallows.

Olympic CauldronAfter you see it, you cannot unsee, 火!

The chinese character (pronounced ‘huo3’ in pinyin or ‘ka’/’hi’ in japanese) means fire.  At certain angles, the Cauldron really appears like the character and now that is all I can see.

Robson SquareDeliberate wavy cam, or camera shake? Most definitely camera shake…

After the caudron, we journeyed down towards Robson Street where a lot of happenin’ things are happening.  Even though I moved the camera a little bit while taking this shot, I really like the movement portrayed in this photo.

Downtown VancouverA much better shot of people in motion (^_^)

Gigantic IginlaGigantic Iginla, It’s our time! GO CANADA GO!

This is taken on the side of the SEARS building.  It’s a giant projection ad that I never really noticed during the daytime.  By the way Canada played Slovakia, Canada really will have to bring their A game on Sunday when versing the United States hockey team.  GO CANADA GO!

Downtown LightingDowntown night lights, so neon.

Here are some more night shots of downtown.  Not really olympic related, I just think these were pretty decent shots of the night life of Downtown Vancouver.

Vancouver DowntownI really love the perspective of this shot down the street.

LanternsThe lanterns lit up!

Lanterns Close UpLanterns close up with really nice details.

We went back to the lanterns featured from my previous post because I was curious to see how the lanterns would look like all lit up.  The amount of detail on each lantern is pretty awesome and with a whole section of a street lit up with these lantern trees, it’s really sweet looking.

HBC StoreGet your Olympic gear here!  I still don’t want to line up…

That’s it folks, it didn’t seem like a long photo taking session, but it was still 2 hours long.  We still had to put in time for grabbing a bite to eat and walking home which took about 2 hours as well…  Overall it was a pleasant experience and I learned a lot about taking photos at night.  I’m more comfortable with my DSLR now.  Until next time!  GO CANADA GO! \(`д´)/

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