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FanArt – Samus Metroid Mama

Samus Metroid Mama v©{╦}©v

Samus Metroid Mama FANART

Two weeks ago, I had this image of Samus with a cute metroid hat in the back of my mind.  A week ago, the image came to fruition.  By the time I finished, it was about 1AM on a Monday… I had to quickly get some sleep so I wouldn’t doze off at work and didn’t have enough time to get a post ready.  I did however upload it to my DeviantArt account.  I’ve made a change to the image since then though.  READ ON YEAH!

Sketch/Line Work

Samus Metroid Mama Sketch*Click the image to see a larger version!*

Sketching was pretty fast because I had the image in my brain for a week.  I basically wanted a face shot of Samus with some metroid headgear.  The background was an impulse thing since I don’t really do much backgrounds it was good practice to just add one in.  So what would be more hilarious than to have her being surrounded by a whole bunch of metroids.


Samus Metroid Mama Coloring*Click the image to see a larger version!*

Like my last post, the colors were applied very loosely, but this time I cleaned up excess color outside the lines.  Very basic shadow and highlights were added with detail in mind.  I really like this loose style of coloring.

Samus Metroid Mama Coloring*Click the image to see a larger version!*

A harder edge was then applied in the overall shape of Samus afterwards which separated her from the background.  Shadows in the whites of the eyes were added as well as some pink on the cheeks and lips.  At this point I also started to color the metroids in the background.

Samus Metroid Mama Highlights and Shadows*Click the image to see a larger version!*

Details were added to the metroids fairly loosely  which was good because there were so many of them.  I tried to keep it a little more detailed with the ones in the foreground.  I put a light blue gradient on the further ones to signify distance and added an orange-y background to compliment the metroids.

SaSamus Metroid Mama Adjustments and Effects*Click the image to see a larger version!*

A single metroid floating in the distance and effects in the form of word bubbles were added last.  Pumped up the brightness and contrast as well as some overall color adjustments were done as well.  This image was what I completed last week and uploaded to DeviantArt.  Then a friend and I seemed to agree on that the word ‘MAMA!’ wasn’t that visible and I thought it would be better if the words were arced the other way.

Samus Metroid Mama Final Image*Click the image to see the original 1920×1200 version!*

Here it is after the minor change of the word ‘MAMA!’ in the background.  It certainly makes it a little more clear on what the metroids are saying.  All in all, I had a really fun time working on this image.  If only all the images I work on were all this quick and easy… Until Next Time, this is Pyauki signin’ off, yo.  b©{╦}©v

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  1. April 24, 2010 at 2:39 PM

    I really like the metroid cap! That’s great fashion sense! 😀
    I am really digging your use of high-saturated colors! Everything looks so vivid and pretty!

    You’ve been on a Metroid fan-art thing lately. What’s going on? 🙂

    I am really enjoying your loose painting style. You’re able to concentrate on banging this stuff out quickly, and the art still looks good. I think it’s important to do things fast sometimes. Your art has definitely gotten better in the past little while.

    Keep it up!

    • April 26, 2010 at 11:02 AM


      I am actually not a fan of the games as I get creeped out easily by the music and atmosphere. I dunno why, I just had the urge to draw some Samus.

      I’ve definitely seen improvements in myself art wise, especially the coloring aspect! I usually tend to try and work as fast as I can because I have a habit of working on something till it’s done. If I ever leave the work for a next session, I’ll lose motivation. That is only for my personal work though for some reason.

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