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Art – One and a half dose!! Doors + Fighter Blue Final

Doors + Fighter Blue Final (@_@)z

DoorsANDFighter Blue Concept

This is quite a special week.  Mostly because I am on a drawing streak and actually managed to do two images when I usually do one or none.  Both turned out pretty good so I’m really happy with that so this week’s post will consist of a look at the process of the ‘Doors’ art and a final image of ‘Fighter Blue Concept’.  Enjoy it, this doesn’t come often, I assure you… READ ON YO!

‘Doors’ Sketch/Line Work

Doors Sketch*Click the image to see a larger version!*

This was another image that was stuck in my head for the past week and I finally got to sketch it.  It’s basically a surrealistic image of two kids, one boy one girl, pushing open a door and taking a peek inside.  What they see is what you see in the sketch, a gigantic empty space with lots of doors on rocky platforms floating in midair.  To save time I just copied and pasted doors and flipped them horizontally to quickly get a sense of where I wanted the doors to be placed.

‘Doors’ Coloring

Doors Color*Click the image to see a larger version!*

Initial coloring was leaning towards a light atmosphere and mood.  I was going to be copying and pasting these doors, so I thought I could pump up the detail when I color.  It turned out to be more of a time waster because coloring with detail took me quite a while to finish just the initial one.  Results were so worth it though! (^_^)

Doors Color 2*Click the image to see a larger version!*

After trying out a light blue background, I thought to myself that it looked kinda boring.  Blue sky and white clouds made this image boring, so I went the opposite direction and made it have a much darker atmosphere.  Red is the ticket!  To add some glow effects to the rocks, I put a little gradient over every bit of rock to give it that bit of pop.

Doors Background*Click the image to see a larger version!*

The background was still a little plain, so I added some giant shadow monsters in the background.  Not only does it give a more dynamic look to the background, it adds some viewer tension regarding to the unsuspecting kids opening the door.  I also removed some doors to create a sense of depth and atmospheric haze.

Doors Shadows and Highlights*Click the image to see a larger version!*

After tweaking the background, I added overall shadows to the door and platform as well as some rimlight.

‘Doors’ Final Image

Doors Final Image*Click the image to see a larger version!*

Final adjustments and tweaks were done.  I added a lightbeam emitting from the door as well as added specks of dust that reflected light within the beam itself and created a dusty feeling.  I just hope the kids know what they’re getting into! (@_@)!  You can check out the full sized image at my DeviantArt.

Fighter Blue Final Image

Fighter Blue Final Image*Click the image to see a larger version!*

During the past week my good friend who shall remain nameless asked for an updated image of one of the characters I created, called Blue, way back in high school.  He wondered what my take on Blue’s clothing would be if he was in a fighting game.  My friend already did drawings of him based on my previous descriptions, but he has never really seen what my rendition would be like.  So here it is!  I like straps flowing in the wind, but it might be too much.

Until next time my fans! \(^_^)/

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  1. en
    May 3, 2010 at 2:38 AM

    It looks good, although the beam from the door seems like of unnatural to me because the top part is entirely flat.

    • May 31, 2010 at 9:24 PM

      Thanks for the comment! The top part of the light is completely flat because it’s coming from behind the slightly open door. 🙂 I could’ve added some more light leaking out from behind the characters though. I actualyl tried it, but I had a few issues so I scrapped that idea altogether.

  2. May 25, 2010 at 6:54 AM

    I don’t know, en. I think the light coming from the door looks natural to me. That’s what light does when it’s gated. I suggest you research more before making that kind of observation.

    I have to admit, Pyauki… this isn’t your best work. The colors you’ve chosen for it are very good, but I’m a little bothered by the rendering. It seems a bit unpolished. It needs a little more to push it and finish it.

    I think I’d ease up on the texture, and pop up the shadows and highlights. The characters look like they’re more suited for that.

    The shadow behind the door should also be darker too, I think.

    In terms of your character, Blue, he’s kind of interesting. Reminds me of Kyo. The number of straps are okay, but yeah, maybe a few of them are a bit too long. I think just two long ones would be fine though.

    I like the line-art, and the coloring. Very cool!

    • May 31, 2010 at 9:32 PM

      Not my best work!? It’s not my most favorite work, but I’m still proud of it. Lets see what I say in 10 years… I’ve been trying to push myself to make better drawings.

      I think right now I’m stuck in a rut of being slightly above average in skill, but not quite up to the next level where I want to be. It’s definitely taking a long time, as it should, to get to that next level of drawing goodness. I’ve been drawing much more backgrounds as of late and trying out much more loose abstract implied forms rather than making everything crisp and detailed in the backrounds.

      Blue reminds you of Kyo does he, I sorta had that in mind when I was drawing him, but I agree, straps are too long. 🙂

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