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Art – Let’s Ride!

Let’s Ride! m(;>3<)m

Let's Ride!

Another week and another image!  Welcome back folks!  During the middle of the week I draw occassionally when I’m not taking naps after work.  I haven’t really had any solid ideas on what to actually create, so I’ve just been doin’ it blindly… READ ON YA’LL!!!

Let’s Ride! Sketch/Roughs

Let's Ride Sketch/Roughs

I really had no idea what the topic was for the image I was gonna do.  I just wanted to draw some rocks with glowing crack marks on it and did so.  I’ve always loved the set of Mountain art by Mark Poole in the Tempest expansion of Magic: The Gathering.  As a result, most of the mountains I draw are heavily influenced by them and are spiky like christmas trees.

Let's Ride Sketch/Roughs

I’ve left the center pretty open so I can add something in the center of the image.  I wanted to have a menacing figure in the center riding some sort of animal.  I quickly sketched a muscular beast dog.  The dog was much more normal looking originally, but I wanted it to have a much more demonic look to it.  I decided to extend its mouth with teeth sticking out along the side as well as make it have crazy vertical eyes.

Let's Ride Sketch/Roughs

Afterwards I drew a hooded female figure with horns that matched the demonic beast she’s riding.  Added a cape blowing in the wind and some atmospheric haze to lighten the mountains in the background up a bit.  Not forgetting to add some glow to the demonic beast’s eyes.

I also continued to play with different brushes as you can see with some soft hair textures on the beast and texturing on the cloth on the figure.

Let's Ride Sketch/Roughs

At this point, the image looked pretty good and crisp, but I wanted some shaky cam effect where you can see some force or aura coming out from the ground.  I copied all visible layers (Shortcut: Shift+Ctrl+C) and pasted (Shortcut: Ctrl+V) on a new layer so I can apply the motion blur without affecting the original layers.  I applied  a vertical motion blur to create the shaky effect and  put a layer mask on the layer.  Using a radial gradient, I hid parts of the blur layer to reveal the crisper image underneath.

Let’s Ride Coloring

Let's Ride Coloring

I don’t know if it’s subconscious or not, but I really tend to color my images with really rich blues/reds.  My images nowadays hardly use any green.  It looks pretty cool, but I wanted something a little different.  I colored it like this without really thinking of the choices I was making with colors…

Let's Ride Coloring

So I started putting some green in.  It doesn’t look that good, but I think it has more to do with the saturation of the colors.

Let’s Ride Final

Let's Ride Final

The final image turned out like this with much more muted blues and greens.  I think it creates a very sombre atmopshere  just right for an image like this.  You can check out a much larger version of the image at my DeviantArt page.  Until next time, YO!

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