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Art – Samus Quree!

September 3, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

Samus Quree! ©{╦}©

Samus Qureee!It’s really been a while since I did some fan art, so as a break from my Klog posts, here’s some Samus fan art for all you fine folks!

Final Image

Apologies for not tracking the process because this was a pretty unplanned spur of the moment piece of fan art.  As stated before, I haven’t done much fan art or non Klog art in general, so this was a much needed break.

Samus Qureee!*Click the image to check out the larger version!*

At first, this wasn’t supposed to be a fan art image of Samus, but it kind of molded into it.  I’m a big fan of creating modern casual clothing based on video game costumes and Samus’ armor has a really distinct design perfect for what I wanted.  I thought a really cute image would be of Samus whistling while walking casually forward and looking back to see a Metroid.  The sound effect ‘Qureee Qureeee’ was me and my friend’s best assumption on the spelling of the sound that a Metroid makes.

I’ve found over this past year and a half, I’ve really been developing my vector skills.  I still mostly use Photoshop, but I’ve gone more towards using vector shapes instead of good ol’ fashioned sketching with a brush.  The much cleaner graphics is what draws me in, but at the same time, the pictures are much more flat in contrast to the shaded images I’ve done before.  I haven’t totally abandoned more painterly styles, but that’s what I’m finding what I’m doing more of nowadays.  Until next time peeps!  Enjoy!

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