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Klog #061 – No Photos Please…

September 16, 2011 Leave a comment

No Photos Please...

My driver’s license photo is adequate.

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Travelogue – 2010 Winter Olympics, Downtown Vancouver II

February 27, 2010 Leave a comment

Winter Olympics 2010 – Vancouver BC, Canada! \(°ύˆ)/

Winter Olympics 2010 Travelogue II*PHOTO INTENSIVE, 56K be warned! (not so much this time, I think)*

As promised as well as to fulfill my curiosity of how different things look during the Winter Olympics at night; I met up with my good friend En, from, after work to take some pics.  This was also my first time taking my DSLR out to practice some photography.  Let’s go!

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Travelogue – 2010 Winter Olympics, Downtown Vancouver

February 21, 2010 2 comments

Winter Olympics 2010 – Vancouver BC, Canada! ٦(°£°)٢

Winter Olympics 2010 Travelogue*PHOTO INTENSIVE, 56K Be warned, but still welcome!*

I want to sound smart, so I’ll use the word travelogue for the theme of this post.  I live in Vancouver, so a travelogue may be a little exaggerated.  I finally had some time to go downtown to take a look at the festivities that are part of the Winter Olympics; I put on my pants, tied my shoes, and went on a photo taking journey to downtown Vancouver… Let’s go!

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